We are a Mexican fintech focused on helping businesses and people maximize their potential. We expand their possibilities by accepting any payment method to grow their  business, and to fulfill their dreams.

Mission: Empower people to exchange value.
Vision: Clip in every business, love it every day.
We are clip

Our promise

Making Clip the place where you can grow personally and professionally, the place where the extraordinary happens

Collaborating in clip means

Joining a company that is at the forefront of technological solutions. You will be part of one of the biggest stories of disruption in the country. You will have the opportunity to share and exchange experiences and knowledge with the best international talent.

You will build and strengthen your career

In one of the industries that is changing the world. You will share the responsibility and commitment to bring financial inclusion to every corner of the country to continue creating opportunities for all the people and businesses that trust us.

Live the orange culture! 

And best of all, you will live the atmosphere and dynamism of a unicorn company. Your goal will be to make things happen. Always proud, generating a positive impact and sharing the same purpose.

Your experience here will be unique and extraordinary!

We have great benefits that will help you positively integrate all the elements of your life, to take care of your emotional, physical and financial well-being.

Life integration

We take care of your energy and accompany you with unique experiences.


We live our values ​​and print our essence in everything we do.

Our values

• We meet or exceed quality with a focus on detail.

• We identify priorities and make them a reality.

• We constantly show added value.

• We challenge and propose new ways of working.

• We are always looking for new ways of doing things on top of existing processes.

• We react positively and quickly to changes.

• We meet or exceed our delivery times.

• We are proactive, we look for solutions and we execute always focused on the user experience.

• We take responsibility for results-oriented projects.

• We follow Clip's policies and good practices.

• We make sure to have a positive impact with our actions and decisions.

We respect commitments and are consistent between what is said and what is done.

• We continually improve our performance through learning experiences.

• We incorporate feedback as a tool to achieve agile results.

We share, learn and solve our mistakes.

• We always communicate assertively: open, transparent and direct.

• We align needs and expectations between teams.

• We collaborate and contribute with other Clippers.

Total rewards

We promote your comprehensive well-being with an extraordinary total reward.

Competitive salary

Monthly day off

Childcare support

Annual binus for objectives

Amazing Hub and perks

Life insurance


We were born to revolutionize the market by opening business opportunities and transforming the present to create an extraordinary future.

10 years helping all the people and businesses that trust us to make their dreams come true.


To reach every corner of the country, today we are more than 900 Clippers, collaborating with the same goal, we have global talent to revolutionize the payment system in Mexico.





Development & Growth

We offer a development ecosystem with a people-centric, continuous learning approach to ignite individual development and growth that fuels the business and maximizes your potential.

Meet the Clippers

Our first Clipper


"Clip is an extraordinary place to develop yourself professionally and personally. At Clip we are flexible, we adapt to change and we enjoy what we do".


"Being Clipper means maximizing your skills, knowledge and experiences to provide extraordinary services and products".


"Being Clipper is a source of pride for the positive impact we have on the lives of so many people who have chosen us and have grown their businesses".


"Being Clipper is being able to get closer to my best version, while learning from extraordinary people".


"At Clip the only constant is change. Our innovative thinking and way of making things happen drives the exponential growth of our Merchants".


"I still haven't decided what’s my favorite part of being Clipper, but what I do know is that being part of Clip is really amazing!".


"Clip gives you the opportunity to change how things are done".

Miriam y Dong

“Helping Merchants to be brave, believe in their dreams and be able to undertake is what moves our hearts”.


"Being Clipper really has a purpose. Being part of the digital transformation of businesses and contributing to their growth is extraordinary!".


“We do things with passion and dedication, we are unstoppable and extraordinary”.


“Being Clipper is collaborating every day in the financial inclusion of all small and medium-sized businesses, with the aim of helping them achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams”.


"Being Clipper is a constant satisfaction! Supporting thousands of businesses that seek to fulfill their dreams is indescribable".


"I’m proud of the team’s ability to learn fast and adapt. There’s no better feeling than knowing that we are building products to help customer grow their business!"

José Antonio

“I am passionate about creating value every day. Taking care of all the details offering the best customer service, helping the Clippers in my team to develop to grow and through innovation transform the lives of thousands of people and businesses".

Sujit Mishra

"Clip's culture is about diversity and extraordinary Clippers, whose challenges the status quo through specific and diverse skills, with the same vision for having the best products for inspire our users to try it".

Clipper Profile

Loses the ego
Loses the ego
It's not about compliments, rather accomplishments. The Clipper prides in staying hungry for more and humble to the challenge ahead.
Brings out the best
Not all new ideas are the best, but they always lead to innovation. We’re inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of those that want to make Clip their own. The Clipper thrives alongside those that want to build great things on top of what’s already been done.
The Clipper never quits. He is resilient and setbacks on the way are just learning opportunities.The bigger the challenge the greater the excitement.
Decides with the mind, executes from the heart
Decides with the mind, executes from the heart
The Clipper is assertive in making smart choices. Has realistic awareness of the external and internal environment and the effect he has on both.
Plays his part
Plays his part
We are owners of our business and know when to lead, when to follow, when to support, and when to step aside. A Clipper is hands on and executes where is needed.
We transmit passion in our way of speak, act and deliver. A Clipper is a moving force that falls in love with what he does and immediately starts to spread that passion and purpose around.
Join the extraordinary

We're looking for you!

You are one click away from making it happen!



The Clippers, their families and the Merchants are at the center of all.



We continue building a history of disruption through creativity.


We make sure to offer you the best service at all times.


Getting closer every day to more businesses to give them the opportunity to improve their finances.


We create quality, sustainable and scalable applications that meet our users needs.


We are leaders in the industry and represent the best of Mexico.


We trust that financial inclusion allows greater competitiveness and a better market.


Having a healthy financial relationship has never been so extraordinary.


Together we develop the best to fulfill the dreams of thousands of people and businesses.